Smart Bottoms 3.0 AIO Diaper Review

Recently I have had the opportunity to review an amazing diaper! The Smart Bottoms 3.0 AIO diaper is about as nice as they come! I am honored that I get the chance to share my experience with all of you!

What makes the Smart Bottoms 3.0 AIO Diaper so special?

  •  100% Organic Cotton inner provides a trimmer, more absorbent diaper
  • Attached insert can be folded to customize where your child needs the most absorbency, a total of 10 layers!
  • Design allows for quick dry-time. Most machines will dry in one cycle on warm.
  • Now one size! Four rise settings allow for a perfect fit from 8lbs-35lbs.
  • Wider elastic around the legs decreases chance for red marks.
  • Available in six exciting colors with accent colored snaps and three new, fun prints.
  • Affordable costing only $23!
  • Made in the USA!

*Inside pictures are of the Gorilla Blue one I purchased. Joshua was enjoying the other diaper at the time;-)*


Daytime Use: I am completely in love with this diaper! It has one of the trimmest fits I have ever seen. The elastic is super soft and very stretchy ensuring a perfect fit every time. It cleans very easy and doesn’t hold onto stains. The attached insert is a snake style making it easier to customize the absorbency area. We never experienced any red marks or wing drooping. I love the natural fibers, they left Josh’s skin feeling dry even when the diaper was soaked. The best part is NO LEAKS!!! *Josh spends approx 3 hours in daytime diapers.

Nap time Use: Our next test run is always during Josh’s nap. He spends approx 4-5 hours in his nap time diapers. Once again we got a beautiful fit, no wing drooping, no red marks and NO leaks! This diaper is proving itself to be quite wonderful. I love the fact that the insert can be folded to fit the needs of a tummy sleeper. (I am sure some of you can relate!) Josh really seems to like it too;-)

Overnight Use: Our final test run is overnight. Josh spends 10-12 hours in his night diapers and we really struggle with leaks in this area. Josh is a heavy wetter at night and to make that even worst, he is a tummy sleeper. We are very limited to diapers that work. That being said, I was nervous about this one holding up. We normally have to really stuff his diapers and hardly ever use a diaper as is at night. Again, we got a beautiful fit, no red marks and no wing drooping. Josh sleeps in our bed, so we typically know right away when he leaks through diapers and we always get up and change him right away. I was shocked when we weren’t rudely woken up getting soaked! I woke after Josh spend the entire night in the diaper and NO LEAKS! The inside of the diaper was soaked, his skin felt dry and his clothes were dry! I couldn’t believe it. This diaper has proved itself to me. I am thrilled to have found a trimmer option for overnights!

Overall: They are made of natural fibers, they fit great, work great, are easy to clean and affordable. They don’t leave red marks, no wing drooping and we had no leaks. I even had to buy myself another one;-)Couldn’t pass up that adorable Gorilla Blue! A wonderful addition to any stash and a perfect investment in the diapering world. We love them!!

To learn more about Smart Bottoms or to purchase your own please visit them HERE!

They are also on Facebook. Twitter and Pinterest!!! Be sure to check them out!

**Although, I received the product mentioned above for the purpose of this review, the opinions stated are 100% mine!

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130 thoughts on “Smart Bottoms 3.0 AIO Diaper Review

  1. I love that it can last all night with a heavy wetter/stomach sleeper.. gives me hope there could be an end to the middle of the night changes we are doing now.

  2. I haven’t tried an AIO yet…but would love to try this one at night! It sounds like a great alternative to double and triple stuffing a pocket. I also love that it’s made in the USA!

  3. We have one of these and the best part about it is how trim it is!! This is my second AIO diaper, and I love it!! We haven’t had any leaks in it, either!

  4. I love to hear that it lasted through the night without leaking! I also love that it is organic cotton, trim dries quickly and made in USA.

  5. I like that it held up nicely during the night. My son is a heavy wetter too and good night time diapers are hard to find.

  6. I like that the trial was on a boy. I have a hard time with the all-in-ones I have tried because I have a boy and most of the all inones soakers don’t go all the way up in the front. The fact that you said it also worked for naps has me thinking this would be a great diaper!

  7. I have never tried these diapers and I’m new to cloth diapering…I love that these diapers are organic and made in MICHIGAN :)
    I’m also excited by the review because my little man sleeps on his tummy

  8. Adorable prints! I would love to add more pocket diapers to my collection; we have mostly prefolds right now, but the pocket diapers are the first to disappear out of the diaper drawer!

  9. I love that it has wider elastic, I use my cloth diapers on both of my boys who are 18ms apart and one is slender, the other pudgy so I can’t always get the best fit on both boys with the same diapers with out a diaper being super tight on one of them.

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  11. I haven’t tried these yet, but I am excited about the overnight performance. My first is due in July, and I am really looking for options for overnight to keep my little one from being cold and wet!

  12. I absolutely love the circle print! I’m about to be a mom for the first time and haven’t actually gotten any cloth diapers yet. These seem like they’d be good for a first-timer!

  13. I love that as a heavy wetter, your son had no leaking issues with this diaper. We struggle with leaks at nighttime as well!

  14. I love that it held up to the overnight test. And it allows you to customize the absorbency where it is needed. The fact thst it is trim is a great bonus too

  15. I like that the insert can be folded how you want it. My son is also a tummy sleeper so I always need extra layers at the front of the diaper.

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