My Cloth Diaper Stash

Okay so late last night, I had every diaper in the house cleaned and put away except for the on Josh was sleeping in! (That NEVER happens!!!). I figured it was a perfect time to get an updated Stash Shot:) Well, if you have ever wondered what my stash looks like, here it is.

(Not pictured the Thirstie’s Cover/Prefold Josh was sleeping in and the Ragababe Medium Lime AIO that I am not using)

IMG_5412 (700x525)


IMG_5410 (700x525)
Left Stack:

  1. Smart Bottoms 3.0 All in One -”Little Boy Blue”
  2. Linah Sora AI2 – Elephant print
  3. Hipkiddo Naturally Hip Bubbly Blueberry pocket
  4. Softbums Echo – Blooga
  5. Softbums Omni – Iced Giraffes
  6. Softbums Omni – Sunnyside Up
  7. Softbums Echo – Later Gator
  8. Knickernappies Custom fit pocket – baby blue

Between Stacks:

  1. Best Bottoms Cover w/Inserts – Cookie Monster
  2. Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket – Albert

Right Stack:

  1. Little Bee Company Bee Changed Ultra Cool – Moo Rockin’ Cow
  2. My Tajo’s Pocket – Rain
  3. Wahmies Pocket – Plaid
  4. Harp Diapers AI2 – Wolfs
  5. Hipkiddo Naturally Hip pocket – Mellow Mocha
  6. Mudshrimps Basic Pocket – Guitars
  7. Oh Katy Pocket – Silver



IMG_5413 (700x525)
Left Stack

  1. GreenChild Creations fitted
  2. Little Comfort Bamboo fitted
  3. Narabumz Hybrid Fitted – bicycle
  4. Motherease fitted (2 of them)
  5. One Lucky Baby hybrid fitted – Jungle
  6. Patty’s Pants Hybrid fitter

Right Stack: (All Covers)

  1. Imagine Cover – Marigold
  2. Imagine Cover – Indigo
  3. Rumparooz Cover – Peacock
  4. Bummis Wrap – Rockets
  5. Rumparooz Cover – Phantom
  6. Sweet Pea Cover – Blue
  7. Flip Cover – Twilight
  8. Flip Cover – Moonbeam
  9. Flip Cover – Ribbit
  10. Best Bottoms Cover – Pink Giraffes
  11. My Tajo’s Cover – Score
  12. Kawaii Cover – Zebra Print
  13. Bumkins Cover – Dr Suess
  14. My Tajo’s Cover – Green
  15. My Tajo’s Cover – Circle Me
  16. Pattys Pants Cover – Penguins
  17. Pattys Pants Cover – Superman
  18. Fleece Soakers (3 of them)

Stack on Shelf:

IMG_5415 (700x525)

  1. MAGZ AI2 – Lock n Key
  2. Lotus Bumz Pocket – Valentines print
  3. Lil Helper – White
  4. Lotus Bumz Pocket – Valentines print
  5. Sunbaby pocket
  6. Fuzzibunz pocket
  7. Bumkins Pocket – Dr Suess print
  8. Organic Caboose AIO

Next to Stack

  1. Goodmama Fitteds (4 of them)
  2. Pattys Pants hybrid fitted


IMG_5416 (700x525)

Stack 1:

  1. Mudshrimps Basic Pocket  – Cranky Clouds
  2. Pinkseamstress AI2
  3. Mommy Soup Pocket
  4. Mini Maestro Pocket – Blue Camo
  5. Applcheek Bundles (Forget Me Not, Cherry Tomato, Lemon Zest, St Lucia and Appletini)

Stack 2:

  1. MAGZ AI2 – Bike print
  2. Wild Mountain Mommies – Tools
  3. Grovia AIO – Ice
  4. Grovia Shell w/insert – Kiwi
  5. Bumkins Pocket – Dr Suess
  6. Mudshrimps Basic Pocket – Elephant Walk
  7. Bubbz 3.0 Pocket – Top Bumz
  8. Bumkins Pocket – Dr Suess
  9. Koala Huggers AIO – Little Lions


  1. Rumparooz G2 – Ladder 6
  2. Rumparooz G2- Lil Monsters
  3. Rumparooz G2 – Kangarooz


IMG_5417 (700x525)
Left Stack:

  1. Rumparooz G2 – I “heart” Rar
  2. Rumparooz G2 – Sunshine
  3. Rumparooz G2 – I “heart” Rar
  4. Rumparooz G2 – Spring
  5. Rumparooz G2 – Phantom
  6. Rumparooz G2 – Bermuda

Between Stacks

  • Rumparooz G2 – Robotronic
  • Rumparooz G2 – Whale Tale

Right Stack:

  1. Smart Snug’s Nature Snug – Goblin
  2. Smart Snug’s Nature Snug – Yellow
  3. Thirsties Dup Diaper – Scottish Storm
  4. Thirsties Duo Diaper – Blackbird
  5. Smart Snug’s Nature Snug – Green
  6. Smart Snug’s Nature Snug – Orange
  7. Smart Snug’s Nature Snug – Blue
  8. Thirsties Duo Diaper – Owls


IMG_5418 (700x525)
Left Stack

  1. Itti Bitti D’Lish – Giraffe
  2. Itti Bitti Tutto – Print
  3. Itti Bitti Tutto – Red
  4. Itti Bitti Tutto- Yellow
  5. Itti Bitti D’Lish – Orange
  6. Itti Bitti Tutto – Green

Right Stack (Active Review diapers)

  1. Giggle Life OS Pocket
  2. Smart Bottoms 3.0 AIO – Gorilla Blue (This one slipped in, not a review)
  3. Rebel Cloth Cover
  4. Smart Snugs Nature Snug Pocket – Goblin
  5. Snap EZ Pocket – Blue

Then we have Swim Diapers…

IMG_5419 (525x700)


IMG_5423 (700x525)

Wipes and Extra Inserts…

IMG_5421 (700x525) IMG_5422 (700x525)

Wet Bags…

IMG_5420 (700x525) IMG_5426 (700x525) IMG_5427 (525x700)


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19 thoughts on “My Cloth Diaper Stash

  1. This stash is unreal!! haha You have some great Cds! I really like the way you have them organized too. I know that saves a lot of hassel

  2. That is a nice looking stash! Do you have them organized in any special way or do you just put them anywhere once they are clean?

    • Hi Rachel,
      They aren’t organized any special way. I keep all the fitteds and covers together then the rest are just a mix of Pockets, AIO’s and AI2′s. I do try to keep brands grouped together though.

    • There is a total of 85 diapers, 19 covers than the prefolds, flats, etc… Hubby says I will be cut off after 100;-) But he has never really cut me off and I have been over 100 before. I just destashed a bunch!

  3. That’s a huge stash! I’m just starting to add pockets to mine after using primarily prefolds and covers for 2 years.

  4. I am so jealous of your beautiful stash!!! My favorite diapers are the Knickernappies! I can get a great fir on both my 2.5yr old with a skinny waist and slender thighs and my 13m old with chunky thighs, skinny waist and pudgy belly!!!! How did you build your stash? Mostly reviews?

  5. I’ve been looking for a vertical stash storage photo for a while, like your setup. Do you have a better show/tell of your organization im not seeing in a post?

    • Nothing special. I just put the clean dipes anywhere they fit pretty much. But I do keep all the fitteds and covers in one crate.

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