Woolzies Dryer Balls: Review and Giveaway!!

I recently had the pleasure to try out Woolzies Dryer Balls! I have heard so much hype about wool dryer balls, yet I have never actually tried them! Needless to say, I was super excited to try these things out. I received a 6 pack of Woolzies Dryer Balls to review. When they arrived, I will be honest. I was very skeptical. How can adding these to my dryer cut down on drying time, cut down on static, reduce wrinkles AND last for at least 1,000 loads? I guess, I am just the type of person that has to see it myself to believe it.

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What are Woolzies Dryer Balls? (from their website)

Welcome to the official site for Woolzies, the all natural fabric softener. Woolzies are pure handmade New Zealand wool dryer balls that soften your         laundry naturally without any of the chemicals of conventional fabric softeners. Unlike the plastic dryer balls, they are PVC free and won’t fall apart         or melt on you. Woolzies save time and energy by cutting down on drying time by an average of 25% per load. They also help reduce static and wrinkles.

Use Woolzies to snuggle up with naturally downy soft laundry that’s completely free of harmful chemicals. Woolzies are also  hypo-allergenic and totally         safe for people with wool sensitivities as they will  not shed onto your laundry.

Unlike even natural dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners, Woolzies last for 1,000 loads and are therefore extremely eco friendly.         So why risk your health and waste your money with regular fabric softeners when you can  save time, energy and money with all natural pure Woolzies!

Each box of WOOLZIES contains 6 handmade woolen dryer balls. The cost per box is $34.95  with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii!!!! They do offer Worldwide shipping for ONLY $6.95!


At first I had my doubts, but after using Woolzies for a few days those doubts quickly faded away. The first time I used them, I added them to the dryer with my HUGE Down Alternative Comforter. This thing normally takes 2 full drying cycles to dry. Not with Woolzies!!! It dried in only 1 cycle with Woolzies added to the dryer. I couldn’t believe it. My husband and I went on for hours about how impressed we were.

After a couple of days, everything was great. Drying time was cut almost in half for everything. Our clothes were getting less wrinkles. But we had one problem, the static was out of control! It felt as if our clothes had an electric charge and it held for days. We had static everywhere, it was a hot mess.

I did some research and contacted Woolzies, who responded within the hour! They suggested 2 things:

  1. Put the dryer balls in thin socks, wash with soap and hot water. Then remove from socks and dry very well on the highest heat setting.
  2. Many customers have told them that rolling up a piece of regular kitchen aluminum foil into a ball the size of one of the Woolzies and keeping it in the dryer helps even further to reduce static.

I decided to try washing and drying them first. Off I went to the laundry room. I did exactly what they said to do. Then I did regular laundry and gave them another shot. NO STATIC!!! I didn’t even need to try the foil ball trick. Washing and Drying worked like a charm. I LOVE troubleshooting!

Now that the static is under control and we are loving our Woolzies, I decide it is about time to sent them! I picked up some lavender essential oil from the store to use since I love the scent of lavender. I contacted Woolzies when I first received the dryer balls to get instructions on scenting them. Here is what they said to do.

  • The trick though and this is very important is to put the drops of essential oil onto a few of the balls AFTER the laundry is completely dry. Then put the drops on and run on no heat/air fluff for like 10-15 minutes. Your laundry will smell amazing.
    *Otherwise, the heat, even a very small amount will mostly dissipate the essential oil.

So, I did what they said and I was in love. They were right! My clothes smelled absolutely amazing and it was super easy to do myself. Even adding the extra 10-15 minutes are clothes still dried a LOT faster than without the dryer balls.

Now, I have been using these as part of my regular laundry routine for about a month. I am completely in love with them. Our clothes dry faster, have less static, less wrinkles and they smell wonderful. I am over the top impressed with them.

Wait, I do think I mentioned a giveaway in the title right? Well, just fill out the rafflecopter form below and enter to win your very own 6 pack of Woolzies Dryer Balls! Believe me, you will LOVE these!!!!!

Head on over to Woolzies to learn more about them or to purchase your own!

**Please Note** Although, I received the products mentioned above for the purpose of this review, the opinions stated are 100% mine*


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87 thoughts on “Woolzies Dryer Balls: Review and Giveaway!!

  1. I have a pretty inefficient drier and would love to have some drier balls to use because I’ve heard that they can significantly reduce drying time.

  2. Right now I have the some cheap plastic dryer balls in the dryer…which serve the same purpose, but I’d love to get away from the whole heated plastic thing!

  3. I would love to try them to cut down on my cloth diaper dry time and eliminate the use of drier sheets for regular loads.

  4. we have three wool dryer balls at the moment and though i loooove them we need more for our huge laundry loads!! thank you so much for the giveaway- i would love to try woolzies out! happy valentine’s day everyone! :)

  5. I Love the idea of saving electricity with the faster drying time and really miss having our clothes and bedding having a nice smell since giving up dryer sheets. I would love to try these!!

  6. We do use dryer balls and love the fact that they are chemical free which helps to keep our daughter’s baby bottom and the rest of her skin soft.

  7. I haven’t tried them yet, but would love to! I want to see if it really makes my clothes softer and cuts the drying time!

  8. I want to try them because they shorten your drying time and naturally soften your clothing. I also love that they last SO long!

  9. I haven’t tried dryer balls yet, though I hope to soon! I want to try them because I need something to reduce drying time. It takes our dryer twice as long as the washer to do a load – and when you are doing 3-4 loads a day, every minute counts! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  10. I’ve been thinking about trying dryer balls. I was worried they wouldn’t take care of static though. It sounds like you figured it out! I hope it works for me.

  11. I love my dryer balls. Cuts the drying time on the diapers! I need more. I only have 3 and often one gains feet and disapears for a bit.

  12. I am so glad that you posted all of this info. I currently use wool dryer balls and have had static issues too. I am going to try the wash and dry method. I was also wondering how to make the essential oils I add scent the clothes more. So there are 2 great things I am going to try! I love my dryer balls because they help make my clothes nice and fluffy and they cut down drying time.

  13. I would love to win and try the Woolzies because it’s a natural fabric softener that I never tried before!
    Thank You for the giveaway

  14. I have a few of them, but I love them because they are non-toxic! I would like a few more to give to my tenants to use (they use our machine) so they don’t use those icky dryer sheets!

  15. I love that I can sprinkle a few drops of my favorite essential oil onto Woolzies and toss them into a load – no more scary chemicals yet I get a delightful fresh scent.

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  17. I am using a different brand of wool dryer balls and I like that they have made me stop using harmful chemicals in my dryer. I didn’t realize until a couple of years ago the dangers/hazards of using fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

  18. I currently have some plastic dryer balls that are loud and full of chemicals- I’d love to replace them with some Woolzies!

  19. I haven’t tried wool drier balls yet, but I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) & need natural alternatives like this!

  20. I have a few wool dryer balls and they do seem to reduce the amount of time it takes to dry my laundry. The decrease in time was most noticeable when I was drying my mattress pad–I think that the balls helped keep it from collapsing on itself. Normally I have to take it out and arrange it so that the wet parts are facing out, and then do a second cycle. Not with my wool dryer balls!

  21. I haven’t tried this because my husband is allergic to wool…but I recently discovered that it shouldn’t bother him!! We don’t use any fabric softener and only use eco nuts in the wash…our clothes get so static-y especially in the winter, it’s just awful! So excited about these! Thank you for the contest!

  22. I have started making my own laundry detergent, but the one thing I miss is the fabric softener and the fragrance that the home-made detergent doesn’t give. I am so excited to hear about your positive results. Especially the troubleshooting for the static and adding the essential oils. You have saved me some time in advance. Thanks for your blog and your review of Woolzies! I hope I win a free set so I can add them to my new laundry routine.

  23. I do have some wool dryer balls, but they are super pilly and leave threads all over my clothes and diapers. I would love to try a better product!

  24. I really want to try these. I love the idea of a chemical free way to soften clothes, and I like that they are made from a sustainable product and cut down on drying time. What a perfect product!

  25. I have 1 lonely dryer ball that needs some friends.

    I didn’t want to use fabric softener sheets on my son’s diapers and other laundry so I decided to get dryer balls but have, unfortunately, not had the money to spend on buying more.

  26. I would LOVE to try dryer balls to get rid of the static in my clothing during the winter…I’m also interested to see if they really cute energy costs.

  27. I am currently using dryer balls and love them….especially with cloth diaper, cuts down drying time making your diapers have a longer life!

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  29. I currently use some homemade dryer balls, and I really like that they are okay to use with cloth diapers! I’d love to try some Woolzies, though, because mine always fall apart. :-P

  30. Since we no longer use fabric softener, everything is static-y and not too soft. I think Woolzies would be a great solution!

  31. We’ve been using wool dryer balls for over a year and I love the fact that we haven’t used dryer sheets in over a year! Less chemicals, clothes still fluffy, etc. We love them.

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