Plumber Bums OS Pocket Review: Sponsor Spotlight

One day while browsing on Facebook I came across Plumber Bums diapers! I fell in love with this adorable flames print diaper so I had to buy it. After I bought it, I contacted the mom behind Plumber Bums and she offered to sponsor a prize for my big giveaway in exchange for a review :-) How great is that?

I absolutely love supporting WAHM’s. So, I was thrilled to be able to review her diaper and offer a giveaway to all of you.

When I received the diaper, I was even more in love with it. The print is even better in person and the inside of the diaper is really soft. It was well made with wonderful materials.

  • One Size
  • PUL outer
  • Micro Chamois Fleece Inner
  • Adjustable rise snaps
  • Hip snaps
  • Includes a Zorb insert

As always, our first test run was during the day. We got a great fit! It was snug without being too tight. The diaper is super trim and the zorb insert actually absorbs more than you would think. It didn’t leave behind any red marks and we had no wing drooping. I was very pleased with how well the diaper kept up with Josh. He is your typical two year old boy and spends his days running, climbing, jumping and just getting into everything. I love that it moved with him. After about 3 hours we went to change Josh and he was dry. No leaks!

Next, we give it a shot during Josh’s nap. Once again we got a great fit! Josh of coarse had to play and tumble around before he decided to fall asleep. Like usual, Josh slept on his tummy with his little tush sticking up in the air. When he woke up, he came out and climbed up on my lap. He was dry, no leaks!

Our last test was overnight. I put Josh in the diaper and it started the long 12 hour stretch. It leaked :-( This really didn’t surprise me. Most diapers do not hold up overnight with Josh. Not only does his sleep on his tummy for 12 straight hours but he is also a super heavy wetter. The only thing that keeps him dry at night is wool. I don’t hold overnights against diapers, especially with Josh. Not all kiddos are super heavy wetters like him. What I really like about this diaper is there is plenty of room to add more inserts if needed. It may not have worked for Josh overnight, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for your little one.

Bottom Line. These diapers are cute, affordable, well made and work well. They are super easy to clean and don’t hold onto stains. They fit great and have never left any red marks behind. At under $20 this are very budget friendly and our made to last.

Head on over and check them out!

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4 thoughts on “Plumber Bums OS Pocket Review: Sponsor Spotlight

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  2. I’ve never heard of Plumber Bums and I think the name stands out enough that I would remember if I had! Seems like a great diaper even though it didn’t work overnight for you:)

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