The Breathing Mobile Washer – Spotlight and GIVEAWAY!

Many of you already know that I participated in the Flats and Hand Washing Challenge this year. You also might have even seen the pictures of Joshua washing the diapers. Well, for hand washing I made a DIY and very cheap breathing washer out of a plunger. While it did the job, it wasn’t the greatest. So I began searching for an actual breathing washer!


I came across The Breathing Mobile Washer online and I knew this is what I needed to keep on hand. They are durable, well made and affordable!

I contacted The Breathing Mobile Washer and they have agreed to sponsor an amazing giveaway for my readers. They are going to give away a breathing washer to one of my readers EVERY week throughout July AND August!!!! Each week, the giveaway will start on Monday and end on Sunday!

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Why use a breathing washer?

- Lightweight and made from durable plastics with a sturdy wooden handle
- it will not rust away . . . ever.
- Easy to dismantle and reassemble for packing or stowing
- portable washing system!
- Powerful cleaning action
- pushes AND pulls waster through the clothing
- will actually pull out residual detergent left by electric washers!
- Gentle on fabric, controlled agitation and easy to use
- Sturdy enough for large items (Comforters, Sleeping bags, rugs and blankets) – Perfect “GREEN” product with less water, detergent and electricity used.

Great uses for the “Breathing” Mobile Washer:

EMERGENCIES: Natural disasters that knock out electricity – continue to stay fresh and clean with the Breathing Mobile Washer.

Washing Machines fails or costly to repair – use this fast, efficient and cost effective alternative.

CAMPING/BACKPACKING:  Pack light and don’t worry about smoky, fishy or dirty clothes – wash them on the spot.

Great for church groups that provide missionary or humanitarian services around the world where water/electricity may be in limited supply.  Makes a great hygiene product in countries where traditional washboards or stones are used to clean – simplify their life through humanitarian gifts.

: Skip the hassles of laundromats and stay someplace scenic (and off the beaten path?). “The BreatherTM” washes efficiently with minimal amounts of water. Your clothes remain fresh and clean, and you can enjoy that special spot you found just a little longer.

Forget about dragging your laundry all over the place, waiting in line for machines and for your clothes to wash.  Wash in the privacy and comfort of your own place and save your coins for a better purpose.

  Super way to save resources with water and electricity, but also saves money by saving the resources.

Trust the Breathing Mobile Washer to gently clean hand washed items or put it to the test with large comforters, sleeping bags, blankets, rugs etc.  The unique pulling action lifts dirt.

Need to freshen up on that long trip but you have a minimal amounts of fresh water? With “The BreatherTM,” clothes can be washed in as little as 1 1/2 gallons of water in a 5 gallon bucket.

We have sons and daughters throughout the world that often find themselves in situations where there are no laundry facilities. “The BreatherTMcan ease their load by helping them maintain clean clothes.  We ship to APO addresses, too!  Talk about a welcome care-package item! 

Oh, Lets not forget it is perfect for Cloth Diapers!!!!


Whether you are camping, hand washing diapers at home or just don’t have easy access to a washing machine, The Breathing Mobile Washer is the perfect option! A great way to be prepared in case of an emergency!

Now that we know all about The Breathing Mobile Washer, lets get to the giveaway!

This is a very easy giveaway. To enter follow directions BELOW

Visit The Breathing Mobile Washer and come back here and tell me what you like about the washer. Just leave your answer as a blog comment! Each week, I will choose one random comment to win! **Please leave you e-mail address in your comment, so I know how to contact you if you win!**

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46 thoughts on “The Breathing Mobile Washer – Spotlight and GIVEAWAY!

  1. I seen this during the flats and hand washing challenge on one of the Facebook posts. I would love one. With a new baby on the way that means double the diaper laundry till little man gets over his potty anxiety.

  2. I like that is is easy to disassemble making it easier to store! (Heather.lucas777 at gmail dot com) :-) Pick me pick me!!

  3. I like that the breathing washer is portable. We travel to remote areas that have limited access to water. The breathing washer would be so helpful to take along.

  4. I like what it’s made out of most of all, it’s easy to sanitize verses having a rubber plunger that you use for cloth diapers you might be hesitant to use on your clothes but with this your safe knowing that it is sanitizable.

  5. I need a backup for when power goes out. This washer is much better than a regular plunger for that purpose and does not take any space.

  6. It looks so easy to use! I love that it will pull out detergent that washers miss, easy to strip my diapers when need be! And I also like that it breaks down for easy storage and can be used on big comforters and such – I always want to wash them, but they won’t fit in a washer. But they will fit in a tub and this sounds perfect!

  7. oh my goodness I handwash all our clothing and diapers and this would be perfect! i love the agitation without suction! this is such a great idea! mudchildtuesday(at)yahoo(dot)com

  8. I like that it is small enough that it can be stored virtually anywhere & that it’s easy to use. (Even a kid can do it. )

  9. I love that it is portable and easy to use. I also like that it is sturdy.

  10. I really want one of these! I like that it breaks down for easy storage, that it is plastic and not stinky rubber, and that it looks so effective.
    Thank you for the chance to win.
    teresacrops at yahoo dot com

  11. This looks so great! I love all the you tube vids on how to use it :) Lets see like alot of laddies have already stated i like that it can break down so it has minimal storage requirements. But i like best that it says it pulls out detergent that electric washers miss! Which is a must with my cloth diapers i feel like i waste so much water doing rinse after rinse and still not completely satisfied that the residue is all gone. Oh and my email is

  12. I have wanted one of these for a year or so. I’ve read how much cleaner they get handwashed clothes and I’m sure it works better than my plunger with holes in it. =)

  13. I think that the Breathing part looks a whole lot easier to use then it will be to use a regular plunger!

  14. Need to put my email with my comment lol! Mine was about it being sanitizable versus a rubber plunger since we have 2 Tara’s on here blorelei22(at)yahoo(dot)com

  15. I like that it won’t rust with that wooden handle and can be kept on hand for washing cloth diapers in an emergency.

  16. How neat! I had never heard of this until now! I love that it is lightweight, easy to use and will not rust!

  17. Oh man, I could have used this a few months ago when my washing machine was broken, LOL! I like that it is sturdy enough for larger items. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. This looks so useful. I remember when my washing machine died, and had to make trips to the laundry mat, this would have came in super handy. limproved at

  19. It looks much nicer than the plunger idea, and it seems like it really pulls the water through the clothing. What a great thing to have for diapers or emergencies!
    alesiac_83 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. I like that it pushes and pulls water through when agitating. And that it comes apart for cleaning and storage.

  21. I like that it is very simple to assemble and use and also easy to keep clean. Disassembles easy for travel and very convenient for camping! Plus it would be nice to have for emergency situations. Jmercedescampbell (at) yahoo (dot) com

  22. Amazing idea!I would love to try this. I like that I can take it traveling with me and that I could wash the delicate cutting and cloth diapers with it and save energy while keeping my clothes safe!

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  24. I think the Breathing Mobile Washer may be the solution to my HE washer’s deficits!!! I cloth diaper my little one & lately we have been getting amonia build up/little blisters. I think they need a soak/good aggitation which the HE can’t do but the BMW could!!! I would love to try it (and help my baby’s bum). :)

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